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It is predicted that there will be a huge surge in growth in the wellness movement in 2023 and we have the wonderful Sarah Stone, Intentional Living Expert, Creator of ‘The Happier You’ and Co-Founder of The Wellbeing Concierge, sharing with us her top wellness trends to look out for next year. Sarah is currently based between Cheshire and New York, helping her international portfolio of clients to harness wellbeing and wellness trends to cultivate healthier, happier people and homes. Sarah said; “With over 20 years experience, I’m sure you can imagine, I’m not a believer in fads or quick fixes; the reality is, in order to have real impact on your wellness and wellbeing, it’s important to take a more whole-istic (looking at your life as a whole) as well as an holistic, intentional and sustainable approach. According to Global Wellness Institute Research Director, Beth McGroarty; 2023 will see a radical shift in the way that consumers are viewing wellness, with attitudes becoming more reflective and holistic, focusing more on collective rather than just individual wellbeing. So, rather than focusing on specific parts of a person’s body, we also need to consider the person’s thoughts, soul, emotions, spirit and interaction with others and with the environment. I believe that true wellness and happiness comes from a diverse mix of holistic lifestyle modalities and I’m super excited to share with you the following wellness trends and therapies that I predict will boom and make major waves in 2023… Creative Feng Shui and Intentional Living With celebrities including; Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Tommy Hilfiger, Steven Spielberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Khloe Kardashian and many many more… all said to be fans of the age-old Chinese system; Creative Feng Shui is the modern way to use this ancient art to attract positive energy and happiness. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that harmonises the energy flow in your space, within you and around you. Creative Feng Shui is a simplified modern-day, intention-based modality of the more traditional Feng Shui technique. Empowering you to intentionally create a life filled with fortune, purpose, fulfilment and flow. When we change what’s happening around us in a positive way, we reconfigure what happens in our lives as well. When we start paying attention to and being more selective about what energies we allow into our space, our home and our relationships, we begin to treat our entire space and lives with more gratitude and fresh perspective. You can read more about this approach in my book ‘Live What You Love: The Definitive Guide to Intentionally Improving Your Life, Home, Business and Finances Using Creative Feng Shui’ available on Amazon:

TOP WELLNESS TRENDS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN 2023 WITH Sarah Stone - Intentional Living.

Wellness Retreats and Retreat Clubs Think ‘Eat, Pray, Love’… this year, I believe we will see a real uptake of more people dedicating time for wellbeing and wellness. A retreat is a fab way of doing this, whether you want to meditate for a week, get in touch with your spiritual side or have a detox from life; wellness retreats and luxe club retreats are a great way for us all to; focus, recharge and reboot in a safe space, with other people - benefiting from connection and community spirit. The club idea has been brought to life by Natalia Edelmann & Ruth A Hargrave, Founders of Luxe Club Retreats where community, wellbeing and travel come together. Emerging retreat clubs offer a private space for those with common interests to connect, prioritize their well-being, and share global adventures. Going beyond an average yoga retreat, these clubs are daring to create the impossible with members, sustainability and philanthropy in mind. With more and more people are wanting to ‘escape life to find life’, traveling alone while forming unbreakable bonds, experiencing the extraordinary, and connecting in powerful ways we haven’t been able to before is quickly becoming a highly desired priority for those who love to explore and discover the wonders of the world.. Happiness Programmes and Laughter Therapy Laughter really is contagious… I love to smile and laugh and recently took part in a laughter therapy session ( sometimes known as Laughter Yoga), this is a modern exercise involving prolonged voluntary laughter and trust me the room was in uproar! This type of yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides similar physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. It is usually done in groups, with eye contact and much playfulness. In her recent TikTok video, American actress and businesswoman, Kate Hudson duets a clip from Linda Leclerc, who’s recently become popular for sharing how you can use laughter to boost your mood. They say laughter is the best medicine…so, this is definitely one technique to try. Audio Hypnotherapy and Theta Meditation If you’ve been on board a Virgin Atlantic flight you may have come across the hypnotherapy audios from The House of Wellbeing, who I am proud to be collaborating with as part of our forthcoming ‘The Wellbeing Concierge’ service. The House of Wellbeing’s digital platform hosts a suite of over 140+ hypnotherapy and guided meditation audios to help people change the way they think and feel about an existing behaviour, belief, phobia, fear or thought that they no longer want or need. Some of their audios cover topics such as; Stop waking up in the night, conquering anxiety, positive thinking, cutting down on alcohol through to fear of spiders, weight loss and happiness. Each audio is rooted in research and designed by highly qualified hypnotherapists meaning the results are powerful and long lasting. The audios work by helping you reach a deep state of relaxation activating the subconscious mind through the theta brainwaves – a very deep and slow brainwave state which facilitates changing behaviour and healing, thus protecting you from burnout and stress. Over 90% of people who have used the platform say they feel an immediate positive impact. Research has also shown that just 30 minutes a day of theta meditation can dramatically improve your health and well-being.

Energy Alignment Energy Alignment combines a powerful blend of transformational and healing modalities alongside the potent power of vibration, which in turn will reconnect you to your intuition, reignite your inner glow and allow you to master your mind and emotions to experience and live true fulfilment, joy and abundance. Bringing about life changing results and experiences, Lucy Crane is one of the most incredible Executive Energy Alignment Master Coaches I have come across, she is also the Co-Founder of Glow Society, a community helping women to reignite their inner glow, re-balance, re-align, and re-fill their cup up so full that it’s overflowing. From this place, you can truly create a life that is full of Joy, Abundance, Fulfillment, Love, Connection, Purpose and Freedom. To find out more, please visit: Breathwork When many of us go on a health kick we spend money on workouts, new supplements and equipment, what we often don’t think of is the tools that come naturally with our body, one of those tools being the power of our breath. By learning to master your breath you can boost your energy, improve your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety. You could try the Wim Hoff breathing method, or check out Stuart Sandeman, Founder of Breathpod, and his Sunday Times best-seller, ‘Breathe In. Breathe Out’ where he reveals the hidden power of breathing, and how, by changing the way you breathe, you can transform the way you think and feel. Red Light Therapy Yes… rumor has it, that by simply sitting under lights, it can boost our body and brain. Red light therapy (RLT) is an emerging complementary treatment that utilises light of different wavelengths to treat various health conditions. Certain wavelengths of light trigger changes in cells that affect how they function for the better. Research is still underway to prove its benefits, but many have said it has helped with; wrinkles, acne, scars, pain, joint pain relief, sports performance, wound healing, brain health and much more. Sound Therapies, Bowls and Baths ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) has been popular on YouTube since the mid-2000s, but has recently seen a surge in popularity on TikTok, ASMR is the triggering of a euphoric tingling sensation in response to different sounds. Texan 25-year-old ‘Fluidity ASMR’ says her hushed tones on TikTok have won her a staggering 14 million likes. ASMR elicits a soothing, tingly response in some individuals that can calm anxiety and promote better sleep - but not all people experience it.

Another sound therapy that I believe will boom in popularity in 2023, is the use of Tuning Fork - a very gentle yet powerful modality to treat the mind, body, and soul, and home, to restore balance and happiness. Tuning forks vibrate at a set frequency after being struck on the heel of the hand. I have had sound therapy with tuning forks with my soul sista, Nicky Sproson, this improved my energy flow, re-connected me to myself and dis-connected me from a lot of the drama, this was a real significant personal transformation and growth for me. When I’m over in New York, my sessions continue online via Zoom and they are just as effective as when I’ve had them in person in the UK. Sound Bowls and Baths - A relaxing bubble bath isn’t the only kind of bath that can have huge health benefits… try a sound bath and immerse yourself in waves of soothing, echoing sound from traditional wind and percussion instruments, studies have shown that these can help with stress, fatigue, and depression symptoms. This Morning TV presenter, Holly Willoughby, has turned to alternative therapies after launching her lifestyle business Wylde Moon, Holly recently shared a video of her looking peaceful as she used selenite wands to create a calming sound from sound bowls. The presenter wrote: “Self Care Sundays. There is no better way to start a relaxing Sunday off than with the soothing energy from sound bowls and healing crystals.” Sleep Sleep Expert, Lucy Shrimpton has been ending unnecessary sleep deprivation and its detrimental effects for years. Lucy says; “I believe that a healthy and happy life starts with sleep! When I was returning home from hospital with our first baby, I was making calls from the car and running a business. I quickly realised how vital sleep is when this bundle of joy came along. To me, there is nothing more important than using all the potential you were blessed with and to squeeze every last drop of joy and fulfilment out of the one life you’ve got. To do that means getting the sleep you need so that you can also give your children the opportunity to become the very best of what they were born for and help them to get the sleep they need too!”

To find out more please visit: Whatever wellness or wellbeing trend or therapy you try in 2023; may you all enjoy an abundance of love, every happiness, great levels of health and vitality, good luck, and continued success and prosperity, next year and every New Year. Sarah Stone is the founder of Creative Feng Shui, Intentional Living Columnist for Stately Magazine and #1 Best Selling Author of “Live What You Love”; Launched in the summer of 2018, Sarah focuses on the alluring people to live with more intention and she’s on a mission to help others pursue their version of success in life, home and everything in between. With over two decades of experience within the luxury wellbeing and personal development space, Sarah is a trusted and highly sought after Intentional Living Expert. Her vast experience and perspective working with clients in a variety of ways over the years has helped position herself as an established, proven go-to expert in her field. Sarah resides in New York with her husband, Andy Stone and her Miniature Golden, Cooper. To contact Sarah Stone please email: To find out more about me please visit: or connect with me via Instagram:

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