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Welcome to Stately Magazine! I am Emma Lindsey, the Founder, and I am thrilled to present our readers with a luxury lifestyle magazine that redefines ageing.


Our team is passionate about providing our readers with a high-end reading experience that features quality content and amazing brands. Join us seasonally as we strive to inspire and motivate our readers to live their best lives.


We hope you enjoy Stately Magazine!


I am Emma Lindsey, the Owner and Founder of Stately Magazine. I am also a wife and mother of two girls and two boys and so life is rather busy. The idea of Stately came to me in a dream....almost. It was an idea that drew on many different aspects of my life but took hold of me when, whilst I was living in the UK, I received a “housewives magazine” through the letterbox full of ideas for getting your bulbs planted on time, the best way to fold your husband’s clothes and the monthly mole report! I was so insulted and infuriated. At the time I was a stay at home mom and I found the publication in question to be the most patronizing piece of press I had ever seen. I decided at that point that I could do better - that just because so many mothers put their careers on hold to raise children it doesn’t mean that this is the easier option!

I knew very little about the publishing world but my previous business experience gave me a great head start as I had a lot of contacts as well as passion for my project on my side. I am so grateful to the people that opened doors for me and continue, to this day, to work alongside me. The first magazine that I co-owned was successful albeit limited to a geographical area and, soon after it began, my family and I decided to embark on a new adventure and move to Canada. We arrived in September 2019, in a snowstorm, whilst expecting our fourth child. I could have taken the ‘mom’ route and stayed home but I couldn’t shake the sense of belonging that I felt within the publishing world. 

I needed to find my niche and whilst everyone told me that print media was dead, I knew better. I knew that there was a demographic that wanted to ‘feel’ news, regardless of whether it was up to the minute or updateable by the touch of a screen. Stately’s demographic is a generation that appreciate the printed word, that want to lose themselves in a book rather than a blue screen, who still order newspapers, buy magazines and write ‘Thank You’ notes. 

Once my research confirmed this I began to create the brand. The coat of arms in our logo represents that of my ancestors throughout Europe as does the name, Stately. Whilst I was growing up my grandfather owned a stately home which I adored. I recruited the same journalist that I had used in the UK and we launched our inaugural edition of Stately Magazine, featuring an interview with Andrea Bocelli. That first edition, and the subsequent copies, have been incredibly well received.

I live in Rocky View County in Alberta with my four children and my husband Paul. We love all sports and spending time together.


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