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About Stately

Welcome to Stately Magazine - a market-specific publication aimed at those aged 55+. This particular demographic has sizeable disposable income and the resulting ability to travel, acquire real estate, make financial investments and acquire luxury items. More often than not they are mortgage free and their children have left home leaving them ready to embark upon a new and exciting chapter of their lives.


Our research has shown that 78% of this demographic feel misrepresented, patronized and unfairly labeled as 'old'. The poll also indicates that this section of society react by actively avoiding those brands that ignore them. 

Being over the age of 55 is not what it was 20 years ago - J-Lo, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Brad Pitt , Michael Jordan and Claudia Schiffer are a handful of well know quinquagenarian.  


The most important statistic is that the over 55s hold 78% of Canada's wealth and therefore have the spending power to make a difference.

Using targeted distribution via Canada Post throughout Alberta & British Columbia, Stately Magazine offers the content and design of a nationally-published title albeit with localized advertising.

The philosophy of Stately Magazine is based on the identified 55+ and recently retired market. Each edition features celebrity interviews alongside health, travel, culture and lifestyle sections.

The magazine will be published quarterly and delivered direct to the door of the targeted demographic whilst also being available online, with several influencers contributing to the magazine the digital copy will have a massive presence. 


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